Cobblestone Sand Making Machine Price2020-04-09

Summary:What is the price of green, environmentally friendly, high-capacity cobblestone sand making machine? In recent years, environmental protection issues have attra

Cobblestone Sand Making Machine Price

What is the price of green, environmentally friendly, high-capacity cobblestone sand making machine? In recent years, environmental protection issues have attracted people ’s attention. As some policies restrict the mining of natural sands such as river sands, machine-made sands can be used as aggregates to replace natural sands in terms of performance and value. Construction and other industries meet the demand for sand and comply with the environmental protection policy recently issued, so the investment in machine-made sand by quarries has increased substantially. At the same time that the mechanism sand is hot, it also drives the market for sand making machines, which in turn drives the economic benefits of manufacturers.

1. The role of sand making machine in stone production line

The sand making machine is also called vertical shaft impact crusher. It is combined with the first-stage crushing, second-breaking and other front-stage crushing, screening, transportation and sand washing systems to form a stone production line. The screening and other links reach the sand making machine. At this time, the sand making machine will crush the stones crushed and conveyed by the upper stage into sand.

2. What is the capacity of the sand making machine?

Sand Making Machine

There are many types of sand making machines of each manufacturer. In general, the production capacity range is about 60-600 tons / hour. Due to the feed rate of the time production, the material moisture content, size, hardness, viscosity, etc. Factors, so we can increase the production capacity of the equipment on controllable factors. The feeding granularity of the sand making machine is about 0-50mm. When feeding, the materials are strictly controlled according to the sand making machine's rules, which is conducive to increasing the capacity of the sand making machine. In addition to the above-mentioned methods to increase productivity, regular inspections and timely replacement of wear parts are also beneficial to promote production.

3. What is the price of the sand making machine?

The choice of sand making machine model has a great influence on the quality of the finished product. Normally, when we choose a sand making machine, we will consider the quality and production capacity of the equipment, but nationwide, environmental protection policies and supervision in some regions The stricter, green and environmental protection has become the consideration when purchasing sand making machine. Due to the different regions, strengths, equipment materials, production scale and manufacturing costs of various manufacturers, the prices of sand making machines are also different. SBM has the advantages of green environmental protection and large production capacity. Welcome to consult and obtain a quotation online.

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