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Summary´╝ÜConstruction waste treatment machinery assists in the recycling of construction waste. The status of construction waste can be said to be different now. Constru

Construction Waste Crushing Machinery

Construction waste treatment machinery assists in the recycling of construction waste. The status of construction waste can be said to be different now. Construction waste has begun to be resourced, and what makes it possible is the construction waste crushing machine. What is the construction waste treatment machine? Please see the detailed introduction below.

Construction waste crushing machinery configuration

The construction waste crushing machines are mobile crushing stations. In fact, due to the difference in chassis configuration, it can be divided into two types. One is a tire mobile crushing station, which is a form of semi-trailer. You can enter the crushing site by hanging the front of the vehicle. One is the crawler mobile crushing station shown in the video above. It has integrated units, strong mobility, and high intelligence. It can be said that it is an upgraded version of the mobile crushing station.

Crushing Machinery

Because construction waste is classified as soft materials according to soft hardness, and the size of the materials is not constant, two-machine combination crushing is generally used. The main equipments are mobile jaw crusher and mobile impact crusher. These two equipment work together. Stable operation, high efficiency and energy saving. The main crusher configured above is jaw crusher and counter-breaker. In addition to the two main crusher equipments, there are auxiliary equipment, such as feeders and vibrating screeners. The feeders can be placed directly with the jaw crusher. On the trolley, but the vibrating feeder can be used together with the counterattack, or a separate crawler can be moved and broken, which is mainly related to the size of the user. Generally, large-volume users need to configure a mobile for the vibrating screen alone Broken station.

Construction waste recycling process

Many people don't know whether the construction waste resource is easy to operate. Here is the introduction of the construction waste resource treatment process:

1. Sorting before crushing

First of all, if a large amount of steel, iron products, wood products, etc. are mixed in the construction waste, the front end of the production line can be manually sorted out.

2. Primary crushing

The construction waste enters the mobile jaw crusher through the vibrating feeder to be removed. If the first level of steel products cannot be picked out inside the construction waste, it does not matter. The jaw crusher has a higher capacity for steel products and the mobile jaw The iron crusher is installed on the crusher to separate the aggregate from the steel products, which can reduce the wear on subsequent equipment.

3. Broken again

After the crushed and sorted construction waste is transported to the mobile impact crusher through the belt conveyor, it is crushed again. Why not choose a mobile cone crusher? On the one hand, cone crushers have high requirements for iron products; on the other hand, the price of cone crushers is relatively high. It is not necessary to use mobile cone crushers for handling soft materials, and the impact crusher has beautiful output and good sales.


The construction waste mixture that has been broken through the mobile counterattack can not be regarded as aggregate. Finally, it must be screened into various specifications by a vibrating screener, and it will be shipped to the corresponding finished product pile if it meets the specifications. It will be crushed again in the counterattack crusher that does not meet the specifications .

In this way, with the help of Construction waste recycling machines, construction waste has caused trouble from being useless. It has turned into building aggregates that have skyrocketed in value. The recycling of construction waste has not only purified the environment, but also made the construction waste treatment plant a high profit. , Has formed a new resource, why not do it?

In summary, the emergence of construction waste recycling machines has changed the status of construction waste, the realization of construction waste resources has been realized, and a new industry has emerged to make money. If you want to join this profit-making industry, you are more interested in construction waste treatment machinery. Welcome Consult our online customer service for free.

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