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Summary´╝ÜI believe some users will be interested in how to reduce the production cost of the mine, after all, it is directly related to economic benefits. Let's analyze

How to Reduce Mine Production Costs

I believe some users will be interested in how to reduce the production cost of the mine, after all, it is directly related to economic benefits. Let's analyze how to reduce mine production costs.

Let's first understand the composition of mine production costs. 1. Auxiliary materials fee. Refers to the cost of all auxiliary materials used directly in production. Including ,, fuse, detonation wire, brazed steel, cemented carbide, steel wire rope, wood, tire, cone drill, crusher liner, etc. 2. Fuel and power costs. Refers to various fuel and power consumption directly used in production. Including electricity, diesel, gasoline, etc. 3. Wages of production workers. Refers to the basic and additional wages paid to production workers. The latter refers to various benefits and health costs. 4. Wage surcharges for production workers. Including labor insurance, medical care, welfare and other expenses.

5. Workshop funds. Refers to various expenses incurred in the workshop that serve the production process and are related to the management of the workshop. Including: the funds needed to maintain simple reproduction. It is the source of the cost of road cutting, production prospecting, and equipment upgrades that must be carried out by mining enterprises for continuous production. After the maintenance fee is adopted, the depreciation fee is no longer withdrawn at the production mine, but the technical solution in the design still uses depreciation calculation cost. Maintenance fees. Refers to the cost of routine repairs and maintenance of fixed assets. Including the cost of maintenance workers' salaries and materials required for maintenance. Workshop management fees. Refers to various management costs incurred by the workshop during the organization and management of the production process. Including the wages of workshop management staff, wage surcharges, workshop office fees, utilities, and laboratory fees.

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6. Enterprise management fees. Refers to management fees and business fees that are incurred within the enterprise and are enterprise-wide. Including enterprise management staff salary, salary surcharge, office expenses, travel expenses, warehouse management expenses, test research expenses, utility expenses, and equipment depreciation and maintenance costs related to enterprise management of administrative facilities. 7. Sales fees. Refers to all expenses incurred during the sale of mineral products. Including transportation costs, personnel training costs, advertising costs, repair and maintenance costs of sales handling equipment, etc.

So how to reduce mine production costs? There are some costs that cannot be reduced to some extent, such as employee salaries, taxes, and interest. So, in what ways can we reduce production costs? Mainly share 3 aspects:

1.Reduce the loss of spare parts

For mining equipment, the replacement of wearing parts is not a small expense. Replacement of consumables not only requires the cost of purchasing spare parts, but also includes maintenance costs and losses due to downtime. Therefore, improving the service life of wearing parts is an important way to reduce production costs.

2. Reduce power consumption

In mine production, electricity costs also account for a significant proportion of total production costs. To reduce power consumption, there are several ways: (1) In addition to controlling active power consumption, the installed landscape must be strictly controlled to avoid the phenomenon of "big horse-drawn cars". (2) Reasonably arrange the number and capacity of transformers connected to the power grid at the same time. (3) Take off-peak production and use the power generation section during valley hours. Although it is not possible to use the power section for production in the valley, but using peak shift production and avoiding the peak section as much as possible, a lot of electricity costs can be saved in a year.

3. Improve work efficiency

Improving the working efficiency of the equipment and producing more products per unit time can also save production costs to a certain extent.

The above is the specific content of how to reduce the production cost of mines, hoping to help users.

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