What are the Crushers Used in Coal Mines2020-04-16

Summary´╝ÜIn order to provide convenience to all users, here is a brief introduction to you what are the crushers used in coal mines, and how much is the price? Let every

What are the Crushers Used in Coal Mines

In order to provide convenience to all users, here is a brief introduction to you what are the crushers used in coal mines, and how much is the price? Let everyone know.

What are the crushers used in coal mines

Coal mines are mainly used to extract coal, it is an important energy source, mainly solid fuel. There are many mining crushers on the market, but these devices are more practical:

Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher is a crusher with a wide range of usage, often used as head crushing equipment, with strong crushing capacity, it can crush coal with a particle size of 1200 mm into hundreds of millimeters or tens of millimeters, and the production capacity range is 1-1000t h, but there are broken jaws with thinner output, but the output is relatively small, 8-105 tons per hour.

Impact Crusher

Impact Crusher

This is a commonly used secondary crushing equipment, which generally needs to be used in conjunction with the head crushing equipment jaw crusher, but if the mined coal size is not too large, it is also possible to use the impact crusher alone. In fact, the secondary crushing equipment also has Cone crusher, but in comparison, the output granularity of impact crusher is more beautiful and more economical.

Hammer crusher

The hammer crusher is a one-time forming device, which is a combination of the above two devices. One machine can top two devices, and the crushing ratio is large. It can directly crush large pieces of coal into tens of millimeters of coal particles. It can be divided into two series, one is small hammer crusher, as the name implies, it is a small crushing equipment, the output is relatively low, and the other is the heavy hammer crusher, large output crusher, the production capacity can reach 3000 tons per hour .

Fine crusher

The fine crusher is a fine crushing equipment with relatively fine discharge. It has stable performance and a sieve strip at the bottom of the discharge. In addition, its simple structure makes daily maintenance and maintenance more convenient.

Mobile crusher

Mobile crusher

The above introductions are all fixed crushers. In fact, the crushers used in coal mines also have mobile crushers, that is, the above fixed crushers are installed on mobile racks, which constitute mobile jaw crushers, mobile impact crusher, mobile hammer crusher and mobile fine crusher, this equipment can be rolled to many coal mines, because of its strong maneuverability, it is more convenient to enter and exit the site.

What is the price of the crusher used in the coal mine

If you buy a coal crusher, its price must be well understood. There are tens of thousands and millions in the market. The same is the coal crusher. Why is there such a price?

From the above introduction to coal mine crushers, we understand that there are many types of coal mine crushers. The production costs of these different types of crushers vary, and the benefits for users are also different, so the prices will be different; Different types of crushers have different models and different prices. The larger the general model, the higher the output and the higher the price. In addition, the price of mobile crushers is higher than that of fixed coal mine crushers. Technology and configuration are related. The investment of mobile crusher manufacturers is much higher than that of fixed crushers, so its high price is not surprising. After all, the benefits brought to users are also inestimable.

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