B6X Belt Conveyor

Product Features: Modular design, adjustable splay landing leg, more stable structure and more convenient installation

The B6X series belt conveyor is a new generation of bulk material conveying equipment developed by us by summing up our existing conveyor design, manufacturing, installation and use experience, and combining market conditions and customer needs. This product adopts modular segment design, adjustable eight-shaped legs, more stable structure and more convenient installation, because it does not need a large number of bolts, its installation process is also greatly simplified. In addition, a cycloid reducer is introduced for better stability and operability. With the basic configuration of the B6X running normally, we have listed many functional options for customers to choose from.

  • Input Size: 0-300mm
  • Capacity: 150-900TPH
  • Material: Granite, marble, basalt, limestone, quartz, pebble, copper ore, iron ore and so on

The B6X series belt conveyor adopts C-shaped steel as the main beam. The module is segmented, and the structure of the head and tail frames is optimized. It is equipped with adjustable adjustable legs. Ideal upgrade alternative.

B6X series belt conveyor working principle

The B6X series belt conveyor is a continuous conveying device that uses a conveyor belt as a traction and bearing member to carry materials through the movement of the conveyor belt that carries the material. The conveyor belt passes through the driving roller and the tension roller to form a stepless endless belt. The upper and lower conveyor belts are supported by the supporting rollers to limit the deflection of the conveyor belt. The tensioning device provides the required tension for the normal operation of the conveyor belt. The driving device drives the transmission roller during work, and the belt is driven by the friction between the transmission roller and the belt. The material is loaded on the belt and moves with the belt.


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