CI5X Impact Crusher

Product Features: Integration of latest scientific achievements, heavy-duty rotor with big rotary inertia and high precision, higher crushing efficiency

CI5X series impact crusher is mainly used in metallurgy, mining, cement, chemical industry, refractories and other industrial sectors. Ores, rocks that do not exceed 300Mpa and surface moisture not greater than 8-10% are subjected to coarse crushing, medium crushing, and fine crushing.

  • Input Size: 0-1300mm
  • Capacity: 250-2000TPH
  • Material: Limestone, feldspar, calcite, talc, barite, dolomite, kaolin, gypsum, graphite, etc.

The CI5X series impact crusher is newly designed for customers' needs for high profitability, low cost, energy saving and consumption reduction. The machine integrates many technical achievements, including high-precision rotors, multifunctional hydraulic operating systems and involute crushing chambers. , Ideal for coarse and medium crushing in large-capacity crushing production lines. It integrates the application of new scientific research results such as high-precision rotors with large moments of inertia, multi-functional full hydraulic operating systems, involute crushing chambers, etc., and has a comprehensive cost-effectiveness to help customers obtain reliable profitability.

Working process of CI5X series impact crusher

This machine is a crushing machine that uses impact energy to crush materials. During work, the motor drives the rotor to rotate at high speed. When the material enters the action area of ​​the plate hammer, it is broken by the high speed impact of the plate hammer. The broken material is thrown along the tangent direction to the impact plate installed above the rotor, and then breaks again. The impact plate rebounded back to the impact area of ​​the hammer and broke again. This process is repeated until the material is crushed to the required particle size and discharged from the discharge port. Adjusting the clearance between the counterattack and the rotor can achieve the purpose of changing the particle size and shape of the material.


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