K Wheel-type Mobile Crusher

Product Features: Flexible, able to put into production quickly, eco-friendly

There are a large number of small and medium-sized raw ore soil layers that do not need coarse crushing (such as crushing and mining of river pebbles along the river channel), and they are directly pre-screened. An independent operation combined mobile station equipped with pre-screened purlin silos Is a good choice. The purlin silo integrates sieving and stacking. It only needs to move the purlin silo without adding any equipment and cost. It can realize the conversion of "first sieving and then crushing" and "first crushing and then sieving", improving customers. Demand solution flexibility.

  • Input Size: 0-930mm (for coarse crushing)
  • Capacity: 0-650TPH (for coarse crushing)
  • Material: Granite, marble, basalt, limestone, quartz, pebble, copper ore, iron ore

The K wheel-type mobile crusher is equipped with high-quality jaw crushers and impact crushers, which can crush hard and highly abrasive materials. There are a variety of jaw crushers and four types of impact crushers with good granules to choose from. Among them, the PFW European impact crusher has the advantages that the finished product is cubic, without tension and cracks, and the grain shape is quite good.

One kind of body is universal for multiple models, and the crushing unit interchange system only needs to invest in the cost of a single machine. In a short time, the mining site can realize different crushing unit interchange systems on the same body. Matching, adapting to a wider range of occasions, stronger crushing function, customers' consumer products have been more reflected. Three models of pure vibrating screen + purlin silo are available for selection, which can be upgraded and installed with crusher and screening. As a loading platform, the model frame does not need to invest. It can directly purchase the company's main equipment (cone crusher or impact crusher) and corresponding accessories to upgrade and expand the scale of the production line. Nine types of coarse crushing mobile crushing stations with jaw crushers and six types of impact crushers with good grain shapes are available for selection. All medium and fine crushing screening operations.


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