VSI5X Sand Maker

Product Features: Lower maintenance costs, longer service life of vulnerable parts, quicker adjustments

5X sand making machine is a new generation of sand making machine developed with the purpose of improving energy utilization rate, reducing wear rate, extending maintenance cycle, reducing maintenance time, improving crushing efficiency and control level. It has high efficiency and energy saving, high output and energy utilization. It is high in product size, excellent in grain shape, convenient in maintenance and overhaul, and widely used, and can meet the needs of modern sand and stone production.

  • Input Size: 0-50mm
  • Capacity: 70-640TPH
  • Material: Granite, quartz, basalt, pebble, limestone, dolomite, etc.

5X Sand Making Machine Production Process

The material can directly enter the rotor and be thrown out after being accelerated by centrifugation. It can be crushed by collision with the surrounding guard plate. It can also be diverted by the bulk material disc. One part is scattered from the surrounding area. Collision and rebound with the perimeter guard, forming a cyclic blow. As the crushing progresses, the small particle material gradually forms a material layer curtain near the surrounding guard plate, which improves the crushing effect and protects the equipment, so that the finished sand product that meets the specifications is discharged from the lower outlet.


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